PEPPER PAPRIKA - Whole and Ground






Also known as pepper or sweet pepper capsicum whose scientific name is anuum. L, belonging to the Solanaceae family. It is a herbaceous plant that lacks a shrub. The stem is of limited growth. Paprika obtained the fruit is a berry semi - cartilage, which are initially green and as it matures it becomes red.
The dry paprika peppers, whole or ground is ground which is used in industry as a natural food coloring and cosmetics.

The transformation process begins with paprika pepper crop itself is then transported to the drying area, in which drying is used by solar dryers. The paprika chili is placed on grids, so that they are not in contact with the ground, with the drying time of approximately 7 to 10 days. Humidity at the end of drying should be between 12% - 15%.

The color of paprika pepper hue changes from bright red to a red wine concho at dry.

If the final product is ground paprika peppers after drying is discouraged removed manually and the pendulum, to then go through a mill where it is sprayed.
Finally it is packaged and stored in a cool and away from sunlight environment.











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