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It is an aromatic herb, which has the petioles, oval, and hairy green leaves with many scores, which are numerous drops of essential oil. The Peruvian oregano grown in temperate and Mediterranean climates naturally.

The transformation of oregano begins with harvesting thereof, is then transported to the drying area where oregano is placed in layers of about 5 centimeters above the floor of a dryer, which can be in wooden racks with plastic mesh and the product is exposed to air, which flows through the openings must have the dryer.
The time for a good drying occurs in 2-5 days, the leaves reach the 12% moisture.

In short, a good dried oregano leaves occurs with solar rays, which pass through the clear plastic roof of the shed-dryer and good ventilation. After drying, oregano should receive despalado or threshing process, which involves removing the entire stick is removed from the sheet. This procedure is usually done by hand. The sifting and sorting is then performed, in order to clean the remaining dust and sticks that can be, and finally, bagging takes place within a polyethylene or paper bag to dry oregano can not absorb humidity and placed in ventilated to marketing sites.

Dried oregano is mainly used for flavoring, seasoning and seasoning food, in addition to its extensive benefits resulting in use in other industries.

In oregano is sold:
� Flower oregano
� Oregano leaves











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