GREEN Olives - Brine


Green olives are harvested when the fruit has reached its maximum size prior to coloring, its color ranges from green to yellow straw and releases cleanly cut it across his bone when subjected to a slight twist with your fingers.
The olives are subjected to a diluted alkali treatment (caustic soda) to remove much of the bitter glucásido of oleuropein, and is removed by washing, then they go to you packed in brine, which suffered a natural lactic fermentation allows subsequent conservation.

The olives are discharged from fermentation tanks that were stored for three months of fermentation, thus improving its organoleptic characteristics, immediately olives pass into the sorting machine and gauge, in the first stage of selection is performed by qualified personnel difference qualities the olive; making separation of skin defects, pulp, removing leaves and stems. After going through a cleansing olives they are transported by a divergent cable to the gauge and taken to differentiate the olives by size and quality.

Finally a clean product, free of different sizes that go to make heavy and packed, covered with a brine packaged according to customer requirements is obtained.












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