BLACK Olives - in Brine


Black olives in brine is obtained from fruits of fresh and healthy olives, in its full maturity, that are placed in brine (water and salt) which are subjected to a process of natural lactic fermentation, resulting in a slow removing bitterness (oleuropein), and slowly decreasing appearance of sugars and organic acids, aldehydes, alcohols and other flavoring substances, this process takes between 3 to 4 months. The texture of the fruit decreases regarding originates, and the color lightens from purple to pink or black.

After acquiring the necessary acidity, olive is discharged from fermentation tanks to the sorting and calibrating here machine olives go through a selection made by qualified personnel of the company, which sort and separate the qualities that do not correspond to the final product They are: mulatto, Stained (defects of skin and pulp), leaves and stems. The final product is stored with a conditioned with 80% brine stem 20% brine and brine new, so far the packaged and marketed.

They can be packaged in different forms in bulk, bottles, sachet with disabilities and doypack; for further marketing.












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